SAP IDM - GRC Integration

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SAP IDM Integration

SAP IdM integration with GRC is the process of enabling user provisioning of GRC Access Control with Identity Center by configuration in the Virtual Directory Server by appropriate framework set-ups. The process requires super expertise and a special talent to fulfill the whole framework and configuration to install, test and execute which our team has specialized and stands ahead of the crowd. Our team will deliver the goods with at most ease and expertise to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.



We need to understand why it is useful to use an integrated approach of SAP. When GRC means Governance, Risk and Compliance of Access & User interface, their integration will enable the whole framework stronger, inter dependable and complete. The major requirement for provisioning is for one solution. SAP GRC Access Control has to be integrated with all SAP and non SAP systems in an organization or integrate with those systems a company wants to manage users or having doubt of compliance issue.

Our Capabilities
  • To take up the SAP IdM – GRC Integration both afresh and with the existing SAP without integration.
  • Virtual Directory server Configuration.
  • Testing the configuration.
  • Provisional addition of framework to the Identity network.
  • Preparation, Importing GRC framework, Addition definition for GRC Access Control, Configuring the GRC provisioning framework.
  • As we specialize in SAP Framework Provisioning, we have knowledge of Integration tools, GRC provisioning, deprovisioning, Modifications, Manage the Process flow and fulfill the Process status.

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