Audit Information

Audit Information

In general terms audit means like inspecting/scrutinizing accounts and finding actual what is what and why it is so. In Information Technology audit or information system audit is a close inspection of the IT infrastructure itself or any part there of like software, configurations, systems or its likelihood of failure and its suitability for the set-up.



In other words, it can be like to inspect the whole Information Technology Infrastructure a company is using, it’s suitability, ability to safeguard the assets, maintain the security of data, systems, files, programmes and to achieve desired goals and objectives. These audits can be like financial audit, internal audit or other form.

Earlier known as EDP “Electronic Data Processing Audits” now known as ADP “Automated Data Processing Audits”

Our Capabilities
We have richly experienced team for:
  • Technological Innovation Process Audits
  • Innovative comparison audit
  • Technological Position audit.
  • Systems and Applications audit
  • Information Processing Facilities audit
  • System development audit
  • Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture audits
  • Client/server, telecommunications, intranets & Extranets audits General control review audits / Application control review audits
Our team has special flavour in IT Audit Process:
  • Planning
  • Studying & Evaluating Controls
  • Testing and Evaluating Controls
  • Reporting
  • Follow-up
  • Design and develop the audit/auditing systems
  • Ascertain the need of type of audits required
  • Develop the Audit Process Flow.
  • Enterprise Communications Audits.
  • Web Presence Audit.
  • Identifying audit personnel and defining audit needs
  • Training on Internal and Systems Audit
  • External support for audit – on board services – onsite services
  • Audit operations guidelines fixing
  • Audit operations guidelines fixing
  • Securitizing audit controls and defining limits of audit
  • Setting Audit Principles and on looking adherence to it

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