Provisioning / Approval Workflows

Check And Provision Approvals – The Work Flows


Provisioning is as simple the word itself. But it takes lots of efforts to provide with a system like the architectural provisioning. Provisioning system is all about processing required system to initiate and fulfill provisioning requests. This provisioning is done on pre set approvals, if the approval is exceeding the set limit; the provisioning system calls the Workflow system to start Workflow process. When the approvals are met, the Provisioning System provides the resource as requested. The outstanding provisioning requests


Workflow System is interlinked with the Provisioning and approvals. When the system is approved by provisioning system and approvals are not met in compliance, the workflow system coordinates the approval process which is possible through Workflow Database, Scripting Engine, Audit, SMTP, Security System.

The whole process of provisioning and approvals of workflows is based on the requirements of workflows and the security required and accordingly the workflows and restrictions are laid like approvals required single or double or need more authorizations etc. The whole process is evolving around workflows to make it securitized, more efficient, more compliant, more result oriented.

Our Capabilities
  • We can draw the whole architectural design for Workflows & Approvals provisioning
  • User Application design tools – the complete path of workflow and approvals provisioning
  • Configuration of the directory
  • Configuring & Usage of Provisioning Request definitions
  • Creating the Forms for Provisioning Request Definition
  • Creating Workflow Activity reference/guidelines
  • Develop working with Integration Activities
  • Configuring Provisioning Teams
  • Configuring Roles
  • Configuring Resources
  • Deriving Request Policy
    • Request level-Approval policy
    • Operation-level Approval Policy
    • Approval Policy

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