Business Role & Privilege Management

Business Role

For any business, it is very essential to clearly assign and design roles and privileges for set personnel and all the more manage them with efficiency to attain success. This comes under framework of enterprise or business module to govern and provided access to those selective personnel and provide them with privileges and controls on access or no access.

This provisioning in framework is mostly not taken care resulting in data corruption, haphazard way or functioning, unauthorized entries in no entry zones, free for all access, faulty management and no difference between the deserving one and not deserving one.


Roles & Privileges of personnel to be clearly defined and this should be done at top level as a strategic management practice through Identity and Access control System. These privileges and access rights are based on the roles of personnel as they may vary from person to person and from time to time. If not done so, the results could be very disturbing and can cause business collapse without proper control. Roles & Privileges are such strong control systems which need good Governance, Monitoring, Managing, Controlling and the most important is best possible compliance.

Good governance will have a very positive impact on Financial, Administrative, Functional and Management practices and yield desired results as this is the core activity of any business which needs true fervor to hold grip on it on daily basis.

Our core competence

We specialize in consulting & projects on Business roles & Privileges Management with special reference to:

Role Management process
  • Research – We will help you assess what is required & necessary
  • Roles allotments – Define after mapping, check suitability
  • Privileges allotments – Analyze, Identify, quantify and suitability
Compliance Issue
  • Acceptability – need base
  • Periodic assessments – performance & regulations
  • Schedules & Duties separation

Role management becomes an effective input and tool in meeting compliance guidelines Troubleshoot and foreseeing compliance issues, check systems that support or do not. Give enough time to do the exercise on Roles and Privileges Management because this is what will take you up or down. Please feel free to discuss with our team, we are just a click away.


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