User Life Cycle Management

Give User The Lifecycle So That You Can Manage It

User Life Cycle

Provisioning, Monitoring, Managing and De-provisioning of user accounts through a defined life cycle is dealt by ULM. ULM – User Lifecycle Management is an implementation which is strategically arrived solution that facilitates organizational administration of one user, one identity and one infrastructure. It can be termed as a technique to manage uniformity of maintaining, managing the business data through set specifications, rules, regulation and standards for ULM.



How To Implement

ULM management must also coincide with management of groups, computers, domain controllers, services, security, applications, files and all other things that must be managed on a business set up or a corporate network. All user accounts should be correctly managed from inception to elimination process and daily tasks defined like when to edit, add, delete to be clearly defined and managed. As a process flow, the User Lifecycle Management should be clearly defined and monitored stringently.

This aspect of any Management/corporate/Business module is very vital and needs full attention. This is where we step in to help our clients to achieve desired results and be hassle free.

Our Capabilities

Handling all small and big User Lifecycle Management projects with ease, We can handle

  • ULM systems, Applications and Users
  • User Lifecycle Processes
  • User Provisioning Systems
  • User Provisioning Processes
  • User Provisioning System Components
  • Identify Management Systems to handle ULM
  • Identifying the Platform for work like software and Operating systems

Our teams have outstanding performances to their credit in User account management We specialize in Manage Engine

  • Easy account management
  • Automated user account management
  • Provisioning
  • De provisioning
  • User Account Recovery
  • Configuration and reporting

Our expert team handle trouble shooting, error reporting develop scripts and manage users as they move through the lifecycle

  • Though the ULM process is complex, we have tools that help us/clients to make it simple and easy
  • Our team understands the value of time thus we stick to time frames
  • We undertake turn-key projects
  • We offer training to the client-employees on ULM
  • We understand the needs of our clients, thus we chalk out tailor made job for each one
  • Employees of our clients can have hands on experience while we execute the job.

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