Password Management/SSO

Do Not Pass The Word But Pass With Password

As Information Technology has advanced, the IT systems thrive to support not only the software side but also the business as a whole. This includes the Insiders and outsiders alike apart from the business process, users and system administrators. The common control point in modern day is the access control system so that no unauthorized person is able to view/interact or negotiate with another person/system without a valid PASSWORD. Password management is a big issue and very vital aspect of business these days and they are much needed to smooth co-ordination and maintaining the integrity of Security Policy enforcement of any business house.



What is Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On or SSO is system of single action of user authentication and authorization which permits a user to access all that is permitted like system/files/server for which the user is permitted not needing multiple passwords. Single Sign-On is aimed to reduce human error which is the biggest component of failures at systems management. SSO is therefore the best desired but difficult to implement and manage. The user is authorised without hassles and further prompts for authentication and is free to use all applications, files, programmes etc and access for the period/ session user is allowed to do so.

In other words, with single sign-on, the user may not require any other second password or will not have any prompt again to establish the identity and will be limited to the access to the rightful applications/files/programmes he/she is allowed to.

Our Capabilities

We can help our clients in establishing Enterprise Password Management system, To convert business challaneges to business benefits & business solutions

  • Identifying the need and the establishing the infrastructural framework
  • Implementation of Password Management – SSO
  • Manage and monitor.
  • Train the employees and give hands on experience.
  • Maintenance.
  • Advisory services post establishing .

We are just a click away, be safe, be secured and give access to those who need and stop unauthorized entries to business sensitive area-access.


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