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AMSYS has been successfully doing apart from Projects handling, Consulting Services in areas like: SAP, Oracle and all those core areas of any business to be successful. We not only execute the project, but also integrate systems, train, maintain and upgrade them for smoother operations and help provisioning and effective workflows for better results by effective control risks and compliance.

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SAP IDM plays a vital role by establishing who is and what is doing and establishes direct relationship between the company and its employees hence is a very vulnerable link which needs securitizing and strengthening by proper and appropriate security measures.

SAP GRC related hunger has made us one of the sought after service providers as our team has very large appetite for Governance, Risk and Compliance of SAP. We have done in and out research, trouble shooting, project executions. We are proud to say that we are unmatched in SAP including the GRC.

From the start, we are technically savvy on SAP let be it Security, GRC, IDM lets know little more… SAP Security in nutshell is the ways of securitizing SAP as a whole, our team is specialized in looking into the safety issues like authorizations, firewalls, encryptions, trouble shooting etc.

Consulting Services

Password Management/SSO

Password management is an issue and very vital aspect of business in maintaining the integrity of Security Policy enforcement of any business house.

User Life Cycle Management

ULM (User Lifecycle Management) – this aspect of any Management/corporate/Business module is very vital and needs full attention. This is where we step in to help our clients to achieve desired results and be hassle free.

Business Role & Privilege Management

For any business, it is very essential to clearly assign and design roles and privileges for set framework/ personnel and all the more manage them with efficiency to attain success by correct access/privilege grants.

Provisioning / Approval Workflows

Provisioning is as simple as the word itself. But it takes lots of efforts to provide with a system like the architectural provisioning of approvals and workflows just ask us

Risk & Compliance Management

Complacence creeps in endangering compliance when evaluation and risk management is not done endangering the business set up as a whole. Who knows better than us about this.

Audit Information

We have special flavour in IT Audit Process: Planning, Studying & Evaluating Controls, Testing and Evaluating Controls, Reporting, Follow-up & Reporting

SAP IDM - GRC Integration

Governance, Risks and compliance are the three pillars of all business houses, to integrate map them, integrate them to achieve compliance, takes efforts. We are there to construct strongest pillars.

Oracle IDM Implementation

The key to financial success and process implementation is the route map and design architect of Oracle Implementation – which we are on top of the ladder

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We are partnering with AMSYS technologies in our enterprise IT landscape for more than half a decade and today we are confident that they can handle the landscape as per our ever changing requirement and need efficiently.

Tony John

Project Manager

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